It’s gone

My ugly, wonky, peeling, poorly draining cement patio in the front of the house is gone. I’ve wanted to change it since I moved in. It’s exciting that it’s in process to become something else! Something pretty and appropriate to the house. Next up the need to grade the dirt and lay down the base of new cement! That should happen on Tuesday. Then that cement will need to dry. Thursday, if we stay on track, the Saltillo tiles will be put in and then sealed and grouted, hopefully by early that next week it should be all done!! But I’m getting overly optimistic, for now I’m just happy phase one is accomplished.

The other thing I’m really happy about is it looks like my homeowners will cover some of the cost of replacing the patio since it was considered damage to the main structure of the house. That is a huge relief.

Here is how the front looked this am



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