Backyard Progress

Finally, finally there is grass and mulch in the top level of the yard. It looks SO much better than it ever has. I wish there were photos that showed how bad it was, but It seems, for some reason I didn’t take many. Well, the worst part all the hundreds of prickers in Bernie’s fur and in various kids’ feet couldn’t have been seen in a photo any way. Still need to put the blue pots on the patio and get some plants for them, but it’s pretty much done. And the sprinklers on the middle section were fixed so they aren’t in holes about 6″ lower than the rest of the yard. All in all much improved.

Now I just have to hope the grass settles in well. I would really like to plant some bamboo along the back wall before the end of the year but it may need to wait. So here is the much better for now backyard.




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