That window

The window that started it all is finally roughed in. Progress is being made, it’s mostly a waiting game for the tiles now… In the meantime the shower is fully waterproof and the AC vent should be moved tomorrow. 

The amazing Edwin put an electrical outlet inside the medicine chest so I can plug in my toothbrush and keep it out of sight. Makes my regular old Cabinet seem fancy. 


Progress: End of week three

I am amazed at how much work is needed to get this bathroom ready for tiling. It seems like slow going but in such a small space you can only have 1-2 people working at a time. Progress is happening, this will get done eventually. My guess today is that it will be a total of 6 weeks before the new bathroom is here. That puts us at the half way mark….. We shall see. 


The tile is here (some of the tile)

Some of the tile has arrived. Of course, the tile we need to start with is the floor and that is not here. In fact it’s over two weeks late! The floor tile needs to be laid before the shower walls can be tiled, before the vanity can go in, etc. 

Edwin is still prepping the shower area and working on wiring for outlets around the vanity. The new window needs to go in and the dry wall repaired/replaced. Hopefully all of that can be done by Wednesday when they “promise” the tile will be here. We shall see. This two week project is now at least a month long project. Fingers crossed  we make that estimate. 


It’s a long slow (expensive) road. 

The bathroom remodel seems to be taking forever and costing more that I wanted. This is no surprise, and yet….

But there has been progress and hopefully the tile will be ready next week, hopefully. Then things will get moving. Until then, the ever wonderful Edwin hooked up the toilet so we can at least use it in the interim.  I can see what it will look like at this point and it will be a huge improvement. I can not wait!


Bye bye bathroom 

I really really dislike not having my bathroom. I also dislike living with just one bathroom. Sigh, the hardships of being fortunate enough to do something awesome. 

Here are some shots of the demo. It’s amazing how much can happen In a 6’x9′ foot space. (That’s a small carpet, barely a room)