Full on bathroom remodel

So much for a partial reboot for the bathroom. Turns out the broken shower handle couldn’t be fixed without opening up the wall and the shower pan was rotting out. Short version, really needed to redo the whole bathroom, so that’s what is happening. Moral of this story don’t buy a window!

So here are the bathroom before pictures. It is a small space, 6’x9′ not so easy  to photograph, but you can get the general gist. 


It all started with a window 

A friend of mine was considering new windows for her house and I tagged along to offer opinions. Since I was there I ordered a new window for my bathroom. It wasn’t an urgent thing but since I was there, I figured why not. I only need to replace the two bathroom and one large (expensive) kitchen window at this point.  This was just getting me one window closer. 

Well the window meant they would need to patch the wall so I figured it would be a good time to replace the vanity in he bathroom as well……

So I have this great Heywood Wakefield sideboard/cabinet that I thought would be a great vanity. Easy, inexpensive, fun (or so I thought)

But taking out the vanity meant I’d need to replace the floor tile. So I went to my tile place and picked out some tiles. 

Great, I thought I was done! That would be it. Boy was I wrong! 

It’s been a long time….

It’s been awhile, a long while. It’s been the usual maintenance stuff. The yard has been watered less due to the drought but it’s hanging in there. Hopefully I’ll post some yard updates including how our garden grew this summer.  

I got some fab new curtains for the living room and the front patio has been cleaned up. So you know just little things. Except for this one thing…..


(This is the in progress shot of the patio refresh)