My Real Estate Agent

At work we are in the position to sell houses on behalf of our clients (probate sale) and as such I have had the opportunity to work with some really great people. As a result when it was time to find an agent is was a no-brainer and I called one of the great local people we had worked with – Pei Chang. He works on the seller side and his partner on the buyer side. So I am now happily working with David Lao who puts up with my multiple emails about potential houses that I found on redfin and my general lack of patience.

He has taken me to see houses from Atwater to Monrovia and set up showings for me in Long Beach and its only been a week! Together we are figuring out what are my must haves and what locations may work for this picky house hunter. I am fortunate to have found a good match in my agent and know he will lead me to the right place and that we will have some fun along the way.