Mostly Done!!!!!!

The bathroom is finally mostly done. The glass shower enclosure was measured wrong and a section needs to be replaced. The faucet in the sink needs adjusting. Some hooks need to be put up and art to be hung, but it is close and most importantly useable!!



Waiting, for the shower door guys. They came and measured and then….nothing. Looks like tomorrow I need to find a different place to do the glass.  Can’t use the shower until it has a wall/door. Looks like at least two more weeks:-(

The vanity is almost dry and at least I can move my stuff back in over the weekend.  I’ll have a half bath until the shower glass gets here. That’s better than no bathroom! 


A lot got done today. Still lots to do but it’s looking good for the appraiser on Monday. The shower glass will be ordered Monday. The heated floor needs to be hooked up, the sink doesn’t work yet, still waiting on replacement door for medicine chest, etc. but the biggest work is done. The end is in sight! 



Finally all the tile is in, not grouted but ready to be. The people will come measure for the shower doors today, then 8-10 days of waiting. Today the shower fixtures should be installed and the sink as well. There will still be some work after today, but it should, hopefully, be appraiser ready for Monday….meaning it will look done enough for his pictures. 


Two steps forward; one step back 

So, the appraiser for my refi was supposed to come Thursday but the bathroom is still not ready so now that’s pushed to Monday. Fingers crossed, the bathroom will be “enough” done by then. 

The tile for the shower was going in, but one wall needed to be redone since in the rush it sorta wasn’t done right. That was frustrating, but was an error made for a good reason. So now we’ve slowed everything down and things are getting done right. 

Today, the sink is going in and the tile for the shower should finally be completed. We ran out of tile but thankfully it was in stock and more was easy to obtain. Tomorrow the grouting can happen. 

The walls should all be done and ready for priming today. The cabinets are all in and will look great when the doors go on (except of course I’m still waiting on the replacement for the broken door from Kohler) the glass doors and enclosure should be ordered today or tomorrow. 

It’s moving along, really just a few bumps. And hopefully it will really be done soon.